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Humane Bee Removal


I specialize in humane bee removals.  Sometimes bees take up residence in places where they are unwelcome by the walls, rafters, or even floors of your home or business...and other interesting spaces.  I will come safely remove the bees, relocating them to a new hive that will be taken far from the removal site.  

I specialize in making only the cuts necessary to your home or tree to safely remove the bees.  Once the bees are removed, I will spray an organic repellant that discourages bees from returning to the area.  I also seal any openings the bees have been using as an entrance. Any Major repairs must be handled by the home owner.   

The cost for removal services is $75 PER HOUR.   

Swarm removal (where bees are resting, but not established) will be done for $45.  

Feel free to call and talk to me about any potential bee removal situation. If the bees are established   I am happy to come out for $45 and give you a  quote for a removal, that will be applied towards the actual Bee removal price.  

If you refer a friend, I will give you a $5 gift certificate for Muddy Bees Bakery!  Thank you for helping save the beneficial honey bees!

Nick 435-467-4898

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