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Web Store

Custom Cakes


Our in-house expert cake decorator has years of experience and can provide you with the custom cake you are looking for!  Make an appointment to talk to our cake decorator about your idea and get pricing.

Custom cakes start at $15 and up, depending on size and design. 

Your cake is completely custom!  Vegan and gluten free options available! Come see sample books or check pinterest for ideas!

Delivery Fee/ Time Guidlines For Cakes

Less than 5 miles: $5 per delivery

5-15 miles: $10 per delivery

15-30 miles: $25 per delivery

30+ miles: will be worked out on a case by case basis.

This fee will be doubled for any cakes that require more than 1 delivery driver.

Large cakes (fondant or layered) or complicated decorated cakes require 3 days notice.

Less than 3 days = a rush fee of 25%

Cakes made the day of = rush fee of 35%

You must contact us for this item. All cakes are custom and require a quote :)

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